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Maker District Mobile

A mobile platform providing much needed access to a makerspace to underserved youth, schools, organizations & more.

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Mobile Makerspace

Makerspaces engage children and the community as a whole by fostering learning, creation, and innovation through experiential, exploratory and collaborative learning experiences. Mobile makerspaces bring that experience directly to groups of individuals who may not have access to a school or community makerspace.

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  • First unit will focus on digital fabrication and digital media equipment (3D printers, laser cutter, CNC, vacuum former, etc.) with more units planned (wood shop, metal shop, and more)

  • Provides the community mobile access to digital fabrication and digital media tools and equipment

  • Serves low income/underserved schools, youth, and adults and the organizations who support them

  • Extension of makerspace and/or STEAM curriculum at schools

  • Demos at museums/events/EXPOs

  • Enables the community to learn about and use

    rapid prototyping tools and equipment

  • Awareness generator/marketing tool for Maker



where will maker district mobile go?

Maker District Mobile will support kids and the community where they are by visiting:



-Community Centers-



-Expos and Conventions-

-Community Events-
& more!

Maker District Mobile will focus on lower income schools and communities that may not have the funding to support a standalone makerspace.

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