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our mission

Our mission to put tools and technology in the hands of the community and to make starting a creative business accessible to everyone. Our vision is to inspire and support making as a positive force that enriches not only our local community, but communities across the United States and around the world. Our dream is to help foster the spark, that creative force in people so that they can then project it and put their ideas into the world.

Maker District’s primary program is a planned makerspace and small business incubator that will be open to the entire creative community. As a community makerspace, the goal is to serve the traditional hobbyist, tinkerer, maker, inventor, dreamer, and entrepreneur - but also to reach far beyond that to help a greater part of the community that needs a space like this.


Maker District’s other programs include an online social, educational, and e-commerce platform called Maker District Social, and Maker District Mobile - a planned mobile rapid prototyping unit.

Our Founder's vision for this organization includes targeted programming for kids/at-risk youth, veterans, men/women/families in crisis, and the homeless. She believes fully, that equipped with the right tools, training, guidance and structure, having access to programs like Maker District’s will offer a life changing opportunity, giving these individuals the chance to create their dreams. Whether it’s sparking a child’s imagination encouraging them to pursue a STEAM career, an adult making an item to sell in their own store, inventing the next great product and bringing it to market, or receiving training to get a new trade career - sometimes, all it takes is accessibility and knowing that the resource is available to forge the path forward.

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