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Maker District facility

coming soon!

Everyone has ideas - we will give you the tools, space and team you need to make those ideas become reality.

We will have just under 32,000 square feet of fabrication spaces, micro-studios, private offices, rehearsal spaces, classrooms, youth STEAM spaces & more.

Wood Shop

At 2,500 square feet, our Wood Shop is one of our largest spaces. Fully equipped with everything you need to get your project going and a private loading dock to move it out when complete. 

See a list of tools here.

Metal Shop

Similar to our Wood Shop, our Metal Shop is one of our largest spaces at 2,500 square feet. Equipped for light or heavy workflows all the way down to small projects - and it also has it's own loading dock to move your work out when complete.

See a list of tools here.

Recording Studio & Rehearsal Spaces

Full band or solo singer - lay down your tracks here and share your music with the world! 

See a list of equipment here.



Into videography or photography? Our studio is equipped with cameras, lighting, screens and more to get your production going. 

See a list of equipment here.

Digital Fabrication

From large and mid-sized CNC mills to laser cutters - our digital fabrication areas have everything you need to cut through and etch wood, metal, fabric, foam & more!

See a list of equipment here.

Digital Media

3D printing, vacuum forming all the way to large format printing and vinyl cutters. This is one of our most popular spaces!

See a list of equipment here.



Multiple sewing/embroidery machines, sergers, self-healing tables, dress forms and more! 

See a list of equipment here.



Plenty of space to tinker with 6 well equipped soldering stations.


See tools and equipment here. 


Private Offices/

Rehearsal Spaces/

Virtual Office

A place to handle the business side of your business - whether it's out in the open in a micro-studio or more secluded in a private office. We've got the perfect space for you, without

long-term leases or credit checks.

Youth STEAM Space

Kids are creative by nature and we provide an outlet for them to make! We have tons of cool high tech and low tech equipment to get their imaginations going! 

See a full list of tools and equipment here.

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