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It Takes A Lot to Start a Large Makerspace!

Hi there! We're new here, and if you're reading this - so are you! Welcome! :)

We are hard at work trying to make this nonprofit makerspace become a reality or our community!

Here's where we are now:

1.) We are registered as a nonprofit with the State of Texas, but we are waiting on the IRS's approval. (And it's taking much longer due to COVID)

2.) We have our (awesome) floor plan finalized

3.) We have submitted our Letter of Intent for the building

4.) We are working on our financing (COVID permitting...). We will be launching a Kickstarter soon and will be starting some fundraising efforts.

5.) The zoning for the building will have to be changed to accommodate the space. This will be one of our biggest hurdles!

We will keep you updated as we navigate through this. And of course, we will post some fun stuff, too!

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